Brick entry sign and wall welcoming residents and guests to Flanders Crossing in the Flanders section of Mount Olive Twp.
Contact info for Century 21 Professional Realty, an agency that serves Flanders Crossing.




My name is Marc Paolella, and I am Relocation Director for Century 21 Professional Realty in Succasunna, NJ. I am a licensed Realtor as well as a Licensed Appraiser in New Jersey. I have been in real estate for over 35 years.


Selling your home is a huge undertaking. My job is to organize the effort and make sure your home is the best option for buyers looking to buy a home in your neighborhood. Every home has positives and negatives, and buyers will weigh those in deciding which home to make an offer on. Some of it is not under our control, but much of it is. And that's where I concentrate my efforts.


The 2 most important factors are price and presentation. If your home is priced right and well presented, it will sell quickly. And those 2 things are under our control.


Pricing is art as much as science. I have been an appraiser since 1985 and an uniquely able to provide assistance with respect to arriving at a good asking price. The price you set will determine how many "looks" you get, and ultimately how many buyers will compete for your home. Competition will get us the highest price possible, so it's important to look at all the data available and analyze it effectively to arrive at a good price. That means looking at closed sales, but also active listings, withdrawn listings, and expired listings as well.


Due to a shortage of inventory, your home is likely to sell quickly, and many listings receive multiple offers. This situation will likely be short-lived as mortgage rates are much higher and we may be entering a recession as layoffs are beginning to be widespread.


Here is my contact information. Call me anytime day or night to schedule an interview. I will go over pricing, presentation, Internet exposure, and everything we need to do to get your home sold at the highest possible price and in the shortest possible time.



Marc Paolella

Relocation Director

Licensed Realtor NJ

Certified Appraiser New Jersey

Century 21 Professional Realty

Cell/Text: (914) 588-3787

Fax (973) 440-1634